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There is good reason to apply this time period to storms, with Pluto going stationary around September 8-9, but we might also note good weather in many areas of the world, as Jupiter trines Saturn and the Sun is in positive aspect. But the Sun Saturn on September 4 suggests some problems, storm, or difficult conditions in virgo areas more likely. We have noted Virgo in Central Florida, Southern Texas, Midwestern from from Milwaukee to Texas and Mexico. Virgo line also draws across 17North, 29North and 41 North, and also 77West and 89 West near New Orleans, and out west included as Virgo state California Fire threats will rise up. There is reason to believe the northern California area is also potential again as well as far to south, or perhaps in Arizona New Mexico with Virgo at 113 west line.

Tropical Storm FAY
UPDATE ON FAY with the Moon in FLORIDA's sign of pisces conjunct Uranus monday and then moving to Aries tuesday and wednesday in sharp aspect to Venus and mercury conjunct in Virgo, ruling the central part of the state, alongside node in Aquarius as the other significant pointer and referencing Gainesville to the Keys as heavy
rain up to three inches expected. The storm moves now northeast and still is projected to shift to west through the Florida Panhandle on the 30 degree line which is Libra and the position of Mars this week.

Reports on FAY earlier were to bring high flood risk for Haiti and Cuba on its' pass as Mars squares Pluto on Sunday morning. This storm will eventually catch a stationary front around 30 degree north but will deposit heavy rain over these Islands and likely have some effect on South Florida. Mars in Virgo aligns with central florida latitude but moves to libra beyond the Pluto hit and projects to 30 degree north and libra later in the week, which is north and somewhat west, but will be serious only if other factors are aligned.

Neither computer projections and Astrological factoring is an exact science. But the projected path would align with the SOL minute degree of 8 Capricorn as a prime attractor of the storm at 81 degrees west, just east of Miami and Havana, and be well within the Pluto degree of 28 in Sagittarius, which is 80 west, both points align with Central Cuba and the Bahamas will also be in the circulation path.

The Sagittarius Capricorn area is also 20 north latitude. The Sol position for this weekend holds 8 planets and 3 malefics involved (hera prometheus kronos and poseidon, ares, aura, jove and Apollo, the Sol sun). Jacksonville is also on this line of 81 Degrees West. The Moon in pisces will factor this storm for the Florida State on Monday through Wednesday. This is between 80 and 83rd longitude. Mars will bring the path towards libra at 30 North but weakens from pluto after square sunday and loses force.

It is possible being in virgo that our earth environment and man's degradation plays a role in this event, unconsciously or otherwise. We attempt our best to point to cause and necessity of directions, if they can assist. Saturn in Virgo 10 degree is aligned here also with 26-27 degree north. Thus it seems possible Fay will reach the Tampa Bay area and 83 north (pisces degree) and head towards 84 North and Tallahassee and Panama City, or move more east and to 30 north alongside South Georgia.

The sol points on sunday morning are hera 11 scorpio and prom at 12 scorpio. Scorpio is naturally heavy with water, compromising degree of 19 north latitude. Jove is at 17 to 12 gemini bringing increased wind, with Ares in Sagittarius and Capricorn as mentioned with Mars above. Cuba is a central focus of the storm.

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