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SOL uranus and Sol Pluto oppose in Capricorn Cancer with Jupiter in western america's north 15 and west 108, likely to lose strength at peak of aspects Wednesday, October 8th while some danger alert for Category 2 Hurricane, diminishing as it hits land north near Baja and western Mexico near Acapulco.


After Ike left CUBA, it now seems certain of TEXAS coast, between 25 and 30 North, the Virgo origin of the storm becomes aligned with 96 West (Saturn Virgo area) of Texas coastline near Corpus Christi and Victoria, and as far north as (sag-cap area) 93 North and Houston. With Saturn now conjunct Sol Uranus (friday exact at retrograde 12 virgo), the southerly hold on IKE has brought enough change to move away from more inhabited areas, but it will gain strength this week with Moon in Aquarius and the Virgo Sun opposite Uranus until Saturday with landfall likely friday evening. This report raises a due north direction as (Uranus Pisces, 95 North, Libra Mars around 93-94) expands the zone to get strong waves, wind and rain of the possible H-3 along the coast and inland to the north of the storm center.

*Sept 13 - Ike path has taken it landfall at Galveston 95 West and 29-30 North, alongside the original predicted 30 degree longitude, effecting north and east mostly of storm center of Louisiana and East Texas areas and moving North as it descends to tropical storm status into north texas and then east heading through Arkansas, Oklahoma towards already rain soaked Missouri again and then to the Mideast and Eastern United States. So a combination of Scorpio Virgo Pisces and Libra signs pointers were indicated with Uranus, Mars and triple conjunction along with Saturn and Prometheus (Sol uranus).


The prediction services suggest they cannot predict landfall more than 24 to 36 hours out, but we notice anyone reading STAR-GPS here on STARWEATHER could accept a "heads-up and get away" almost a week ahead of time. We know that not everyone can be so mobile, but these storms don't come every day either. Missouri is in the sights of severe rain, with flooding on any river in the state areas mentioned and the 92 to 88 degree line which holds near Pluto and Sol Pluto as well.

WHAT'S AHEAD - Late September Another storm finding landfall by Cancer Moon in 10 days or less is possible. Cancer Moon was relative to 20 to 25 North, again Caribbean Islands, up to Miami, and also 75 to 80 West, which is Bahamas and central Caribbean, East Cuba as well again, if Cancer is the guide. Juno moves towards Pluto at 28 Sagittarius, raising threats around the conjunction and the square of Sun and Pluto on the 20th of September, now a week away. Although this does not strike us as strong, Neptune in Sol Scorpio begins also, and brings more chance of debilitation of power centers and oil production or other global warming effects. It must be noted the general effect is increased by human involvement in weather, and our use of resources. We are also the creators of positive changes, if we are able as a whole to counteract and form better coordination. These are all relative factors in the total Earth and Solar system, including SOL SIGNS, as another aspect which we include. The actual source of change is natural to life itself, so we move best to be more in harmony with nature, spiritual or physical.


PREDICTION PATH - Sagittarius Moon kept H-3 Ike on 20 north path westward as moon in Capricorn raises it to 21 north centered, heading for Cuba. The Leo Castro's 8th house Island is not in favor by Monday the 8th, and we see Tuesday a re-emergence of Ike to the Gulf, with Aquarius, and also Mars in Libra on the 30-90 area much like Gustav last month. Jupiter has protected 32 north to some extent, and in Capricorn is the building of the storm strength while stationary this weekend. It shall diminish somewhat until the weekend. The sun is opposite uranus Friday and following 9/11 Thursday, the Virgo Pisces at 85-90 and also 25 to 30 is a march on warm water of the Gulf, but less strength after by likely landfall and weekend, even as mercury venus mars conjunct in libra is quite strong. In addition, Lilith and Juno conjunct on the landfall weekend in Sagittarius align with 93 West, and also 95 West as a central point of a 10 degree zone.

PATH OF EVENTS - One projection is to ask Football city is going to be effected Saturday and Sunday by landfall of Ike? Texas, Mississippi, Houston, Alabama, Tulane all have home games. Aquarius is also 82 West, and we suspect the path mid-week will turn north. as Ike is also Virgo Sun and Saturn in its' original, this would direct it between 85 and 90, more likely the gulf coast zone when Pisces Moon to Uranus arrives on Weekend to Sunday, possibly effecting with rain in Houston up to Kansas City and St. Louis by Monday. Pluto and Jupiter turn direct slowly, bringing less storm chance, even though the odd aspects to uranus from the triple Libra group will mark one additional storm pattern coming. Jupiter trine Saturn has been relatively benign despite strength of these storms. Hanna missed major cities and hit most in Carolina as predicted sliding along coast swiftly up to New England.

Sept 5 - TS Hanna is proceeding with possible increase to Hurricane and Carolina coast, while Ike maintains H-3 status, as Sept 8 Stations of Jupiter and Pluto arrive. Hanna has hit a wall along the 80th and proceeds north and then east, perhaps skipping along the coast. Jupiter at 2 taurus for 32 north would also supply some safety for points south, but Ike on the other hand is a sun saturn virgo storm with central florida very possible by early next week, although the same shift north is possible again for Ike around 80 degrees.


TS Ike 11pm Sept 2 tuesday 19 9n 47 9w - taurus29 pisces29 Fast speed, Sun con sat 11virgo trine jup 12cap - Virgo is 27 north in florida and 87 west. Eris opp moon libra finger of god Uranus and sedna trine nep - 19 libra moon is 2/3 of libra, 10 degree north. 21 aries eris is 21 degree north and 74 west also. This 21 line is its general west path. Ike will move swiftly along a direct path into the Virgo areas.


THE RECENT WEATHER is indicative of natural conditions exagerrated by man's use of fossil fuels and other global warming. There is focus on the busy travel zone of the
caribbean and southern united states supplying a large portion of need for energy and attracting these heat and water. That is also a natural indication, albeit, also one controlled to some extent by man. This is speaking truthfully about both sides of the equation. How we deploy our values to the next millenium business and government will revolve around these issues, even while more TS K and L are looming. The consciousness we apply even in our personal sense, has effect. Let us see this integrated honesty within ourselves, and all will be well. Even if some rain or wind comes.

Factors include in this storm season include Oil drilling, Cuban leader Castro, and form prime attractors for original storms coming from Africa. What part do they play in the relative direction of weather? We may not discover exactly why, but it is not hard to see the patterns and locations threatening or involved.


Read on and see how the general influence of the stars plays in all this, and reveals an improved picture of weather patterns and storm directions. It is a natural method just as all sciences is, even if relative to consciousness and our attention. Many may find it hard to know, but the facts are described well. Eagle works can only help supply functional details, and principles to go. We all may need to see how we play our part, in this U-R in the bay and oceans of life. Let us play well.

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